Holiday Discount!

For a limited time, we will be offering a Holiday Discount!  Schedule your event between now and the end of the year and get HALF OFF! We guarantee that you will be blown away by our services for your next party!


Rent Virtual Reality for Parties!

Imagine yourself walking on the deck of a sunken ship wreck while a massive killer whale swims inches from the top of your head. Or better yet, imagine you are floating in space and you can pick up the Earth with your hand and place it anywhere you'd like in the Solar System. Now imagine that all of this is possible in the comfort of your own home or backyard.


Experience a New Reality


At Exin Entertainment we use state of the art technology to provide unique and exciting virtual reality experiences for all ages.

Rent us for your next special occasion and blow all of your friends away.  Call us for your child's upcoming birthday party, a block party or your next barbeque.


With this new and exciting technology you and your guests can experience a fully immersive computer-simulated reality. With over 15 different games and experiences to choose from your guests will be in awe of how realistic yet imaginitve our services are.


If your kids are into video games we guarentee they will love this. Not only do you see the gaming world around you as if you are actually there, but you can also walk around and interact with the environment of your choosing.


Trained professionals will be on site the entire time to help guide your guests throughout their virtual adventures. As well as to set up and dismantle the play areas and to ensure a fun, safe and orderly experience for everyone!


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